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                          Pleasure Road Pumping Station Upgrade


                          Pleasure Road Pumping Station Upgrade


                          Pleasure Road Pumping Station Upgrade


                          Pleasure Road Pumping Station Upgrade


                          Pleasure Road Pumping Station Upgrade



                          LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA

                          Contract: $1,893,000

                          Team Members
                          Owner: Lancaster Area Sewer Authority, Lancaster, PA
                          Engineer: Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
                          General Contractor: Johnston Construction Company

                          Key Accomplishments:

                          • An alternate JIB crane foundation design was proposed by JCC and resulted in a savings of $4,000 to the owner.
                          • Successful installation and operation of a 3 month long, 17 MGD bypass pumping system with no overflows or interruption in service.
                          • Installation of more aesthetic and better quality retaining wall at no additional cost to the owner.
                          • Project was completed 75 days earlier than the contract time (contract completion date - May 15, 2007, actual completion date - March 1, 2007), within the budget and to the owner’s satisfaction.

                          Project Description:

                          Johnston Construction Company led this pumping station upgrade project construction and commissioning service for the $1,893,000 public bid fixed price contract for the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s existing pumping station located at 1404 Pleasure Road, Lancaster, PA.

                          The project work involved demolition and removal of existing dry-pit sewage pumps, piping, valves, equipments, pump level controls, standby power fuel storage tank, generator room, roofing, doors, and paints. It also included construction of the new generator room, storage rooms, retaining wall system, fencing, painting, precast concrete roofing planks, EPDM roofing, multi-layered waterproof floor and new doors and frame.

                          Modifications included refurbishment of the existing wet well, repairing of cracked concrete surfaces, installation of four (4) new 5940 GPM capacity, 150 HP dry-pit submersible Flygt sewage pumps with suction and discharge piping, two (2) Channel Monster 14 MGD capacity grinders with hydraulic power units, one (1) Hinsilblon odor neutralization unit , one (1) 40 GPM sump pump with piping, pump control system, variable frequency drives, motor control centers, instrumentation, programmable controller system, JIB crane system, and temporary 17 MGD bypass pumping system.

                          The project was started in March 15, 2006 and substantially completed on March 1, 2007.