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                          CORPORATE INFORMATION

                          Industrial Services Division and Johnston Construction Company have combined operations to better serve our clients, primarily in the Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. ISD and Johnston are always ready to discuss client needs and match them with our capabilities to handle any construction, design/construct, or environmental cleanup project. Johnston has many core services to offer our clients in the following markets:

                          • Industrial/Mechanical Construction
                          • Private Environmental Construction
                          • Public Environmental Construction
                          • Remedial/Cleanup Construction
                          • Design/Construct Projects
                          • Tank Foundations
                          • Air Pollution Control
                          • Landfills
                          • Telecommunications

                          MISSION STATEMENT

                          It is our goal to provide our clients with high quality construction using professional expertise, superb craftsmanship, safe work practices, and exceptional teamwork; while maintaining a strong ethical conscience, being considerate of project economics and functional result, and always exploring new ways to improve our quality and productivity.

                          MARKETS AND CORE SERVICES

                          ISD has been in business since 1977. We have experienced personnel available to manage and perform your facility construction and maintenance needs. We specialize in the following items:

                          PROCESS PIPING SYSTEMS

                          Hot, chemical or gas lines need rerouting or replacing? High-pressure or control tubing in critical areas? Give us a call. We specialize in tough jobs.
                          • Air
                          • Oil
                          • Water
                          • Gases
                          • Steam
                          • Plumbing
                          • Hot Oil
                          • Asphalt
                          • Hydraulic
                          • Cryogenics
                          • Control Tubing
                          IN-HOUSE SPECIALTIES

                          On-the-job fabrication for those special requirements and assistance with plant maintenance and shutdown work.
                          • Rigging
                          • Plumbing
                          • Pipefitting
                          • Millwright Work
                          • Welding
                          • Custom Steel Fabrication/Installation

                          L.P. Installations (Suburban Propane)
                          Paper handling system (Sweetheart Cup)
                          Oxygen Piping (Union Carbide)
                          Furnace Rebuilding (Eastalco Aluminum)
                          Plating Room Renovations (Martin Marietta)
                          Air Systems (Seagirt Marine Terminal Monorails)
                          Becton Dickinson Aerosol Filling (Cello Grow Group)
                          Humidification Systems (Fairchild Space)
                          • Machinery and Equipment
                          • Assembly and Installation
                          • Platforms and Catwalks
                          • Ladders, Stairs, and Railings
                          • Heater Installations
                          • Pumps, Tanks, and Mixers
                          • Cranes and Monorails
                          • Conveyors and Elevators
                          • Bins and Hoppers
                          • Pneumatic Conveying
                          ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS

                          From major process piping and equipment projects at Baltimore City’s Back River, Patapsco and Montebello Treatment Plants to local industrial plant wastewater systems.
                          • Pollution Control Systems
                          • Dust Collection Systems
                          • Scrap/Waste Removal Systems
                          • Water and Wastewater Facilities
                          • Scrubber Systems
                          • OSHA/EPA Corrections