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                          PROJECT EXPERIENCE
                          PUBLIC CLIENTS

                          Abbottstown Joint Sewer Authority
                          Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
                          Baltimore City, MD
                          Baltimore County, MD
                          Baltimore County Department of Public Works
                          Baltimore County Bureau of Environment
                          Biglerville Borough Authority
                          Board of Education of Wicomico
                          Borough of Blain
                          Borough of Chambersburg
                          Borough of Orwigsburg
                          Calvert County, MD
                          Carlisle Borough
                          Cecil County Department of Public Works
                          Charles County Government
                          City of Aberdeen
                          City of Annapolis
                          City of Bethlehem
                          City of Bowie
                          City of Frederick
                          City of Hagerstown
                          City of Lancaster
                          City of Westminster
                          Commissioners of St. Michaels
                          Council Town of Centerville
                          County Commissioners of Carroll County, MD
                          Delaware Solid Waste Authority
                          East Berlin Area Joint Authority
                          Fairview Township
                          Franklin County General Authority
                          Frederick County, MD
                          Granville Township
                          Hanover Borough Council
                          Harford County Department of Public Works

                          Harford County Government
                          Harrisburg City, PA
                          Howard County Department of Public Works
                          Kent County Levy Court
                          Lake Meade Property Owners
                          Lancaster Area Sewer Authority
                          Lancaster City, PA
                          Lower Allen Township Authority
                          Millville Borough Municipal Authority
                          Milton Regional Sewer Authority
                          Mount Joy Borough Authority
                          New Castle County
                          Newville Borough Water and Sewer
                          Northern Lancaster County Authority
                          Pennsylvania Department of General Services
                          Northwestern Lancaster County
                          Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
                          Philadelphia Suburban Water Company
                          Pillow Borough Authority
                          Reading City, PA
                          Royalton Borough Authority
                          Silver Spring Township Authority
                          Spring Township Municipal Authority
                          Springettsbury Township
                          Sussex County
                          Talbot County Department of Public Works
                          The Harrisburg Authority
                          Town of Denton
                          Town of Myersville
                          Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
                          Waynesboro Borough Authority
                          Western Berks Water Authority
                          York City Sewer Authority